Pipenv is the combination of pip and virtualenv

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Useful pipenv commands

Install pipenv

pip3 install pipenv

Install a package to project e.g. requests

pipenv install requests

Activate the virtual environment

pipenv shell

Deactivate the environment


Install packages from requirements.txt

pipenv install -r filePath/of/requirements.txt

Lock the package dependencies

pipenv lock

Lock the dependencies and return a list to be used for requirements.txt

pipenv lock -r

Install a dev specific dependency to venv

pipenv install pytest --dev

Uninstall a package from venv

pipenv uninstall packageName

Change the python version for venv

pipenv --python3.6.1

Remove the existing virtual environment and recreate a new one from…

What are Containers?


Welcome to Introduction to Containers and Docker Series.

I will start with an overview of what containers really are and their place in the modern technological landscape and then will discuss their most common use cases.

Before that let us understand how containers came into the picture

The Bare Metal comparison

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Are you facing PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/.azure’ while executing az CLI commands?

This issue could be caused due to incorrect user ownership for the files/directories under /.azure directory.

To fix the issue follow below steps:

1. Check for the ownership of the file/ directory for which you are getting the permission denied error

ls -l /home/username/.azure

You will see the ownership for the directory and files under it. If the owner is not the current user then you have found the culprit.

2. Change the Ownership of the directory/file for which the current user is not the owner using the below commands to fix the issue.

sudo chown -R user /home/username/.azure

Now user will be the owner of directory /.azure and files under it


Now all your az CLI commands will run without sudo.


Anshul Jain

Associate Consultant | Microsoft Azure | Data Science

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